"How are all these busy people finding time to
transform their life...WITHOUT starving themselves
or doing boring workout routines?!"
CrossFit Oshkosh
Oshkosh's premier health & fitness training studio.
We want YOU to be our next success story!
102 Merritt Ave
Oshkosh, WI
You might be asking yourself, but does this really work?
Real results from real people!!!

Our Transformation Challenge, is NOT
ONLY designed to help you lose 20+ lbs.; it will teach you the exact steps you need to use to keep it off forever.
FACT: 90% of individuals who lose weight by dieting or pills put it all back on!
We will give you the steps to healthy living so you keep off your lost weight FOREVER!
You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is designed for beginners!
Our Coaches
CrossFit Oshkosh
The Coaches of CrossFit Oshkosh bring over 40 years of combined training experience to our community. They have multiple certifications and continue to grow by attending courses and seminars bi-annually. 
Will you be our next success story?
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